Different Types of Scaffoldings in Constructions

In a world where construction and skyscrapers are the big talks of the mouth, scaffolding is an essential element. In case you have not yet known, scaffolding is a temporary and right structure that has still timber or bamboo platforms raised up. The platforms raise higher with the increase of the building height.

They let the workers work at different stages of the building at different levels.

Different and various types of scaffoldings are used which is determined by the types of construction.

1. Brick layer’s scaffolding

This type of scaffolding contains standards that are firmly secured in the grounds at about 3 m. The standards would be connected and linked to each other by ledgers and provided on the building side of the standards. They are secured in Their position by the rope-lashing. In high scaffolding’s, the structure is stiffened by using cross braces. Braces contain poles that are tied by the rope-lashing on the standards.

2. Needle scaffolding

When scaffolding is being provided for a building on the busy side of a street, ordinary scaffolding will block the traffic on the road which is where this method of scaffolding comes in.

The scaffold is being erected corners of the window by string courses through projected needles.

The projected end of the needle is being supported through the means of an inclined strut which is placed on the window sill. The link between the needle and the inclined strut is clamped by the means of dogs.

3. Steel scaffolding

This way of scaffolding is essentially relative to the timber scaffolding. In this method, the steel tubes being used for scaffolding normal building construction work will be heavy class and diameter ranging from 40 to 60mm.

4. How to choose the best scaffolding for your construction project

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